Tea for two


I’m very much a tea enthusiast and I don’t drink coffee anymore. When I was in Sydney, I used to drink around 3-4 cups of coffee a day and I wouldn’t be able to function until I had a cup when I woke up. Well I’m proud to say that I kicked that habit in November 2015.

After we got engaged, we did a trip to the US, it was amazing and I asked for chai latte at the airport in Chicago, the lady looked at me made my chai then called my name, ‘Teresa’. I took my first sip and she had made me a large latte on vanilla soy.

It was delicious, so tasty but I started to get sweaty palms, my heart started racing and I thought ok… no more coffee for me and that was in November 2015.

I do love the smell of coffee, but I’ve realised that I’m so much more calmer without it. Recently, someone mentioned to me The Tea House and I highly recommend it. We brought our puppy so we sat outside in the outdoor area. I had a chocolate chai tea and my fiance’ had a earl grey – we sort of shared and tried so we didn’t get to miss out on another flavour. The scones were quite big and the jam and cream was delicious as well.

It’s a great place for a baby shower or a girls lunch as they have a function room upstairs.

I highly recommend visiting The Tea House, they’re located in Gold Creek.