Wedded Bliss in Canberra

It’s not wedding season yet, I can’t help myself! There’s some amazing wedding venues in Canberra. I’m very much into the rustic vintage look at the moment but it seems my weekly wedding plans change every week and I just can’t make decisions. We started getting those questions, have you set a date yet?.. Nope we’re just happy being engaged for now… but I’ve searched far and wide and I’ve looked at wedding destinations in Hawaii, Fiji, Sydney and the Gold Coast! It seems like everyone has an option about every wedding location that I suggest, so I’ve started to look again and I’ve realised that I live in a place where there are so many rustic romantic locations!

Old Parliament House Rose Gardens


An outdoor wedding ceremony with canapé’s and drinks would be stunning, especially if the weather is nice. This would be my top pick for a ceremony location.

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New winter finds

Winter happens to happens to be my most favourite time of year for fashion. You can pretty much dress up anything with boots, scarves and shawls and a few accessories. At the moment I really like the puffer jacket trend. I could seriously wear it everyday! I try not to maybe just once or twice a week – but I would wear it everyday if I could.

My fiance bought me a Myer voucher for our 9 year anniversary, I was quite happy with it! I walked into the city yesterday and bought myself a new paid of gloves! They were down to half price reduced from $39.95 to $19.95! I also bought myself a new pair of short suede boots reduced down from $89 to $55 and a shawl that was $89 down to $22! I really love bargain shopping and refuse to pay full price unless I absolutely love and and that I’m going to wear it all of time.


I also love eBay! I have sold so many of my clothes lately so I can buy new things. I just have so many clothes that either don’t fit me anymore or I’ve had them for a while and I’m just sick of them! It’s really a great way to part with the old and in with the new.

A lot more of my designer brands tend to sell out a lot more quickly, whether that’s REVIEW, QUE, SEED etc… The most expensive item I ever sold was an Elle Zeitoune dress.

imageIt looked amazing but when it come to wearing I just felt uncomfortable and it was just that little bit too tight. I paid full price for it for a special event around $420 and ladies were bidding for it for well over $500 because it had sold out online.
Marchesa, Elle Zeitoune:


Welcome to Canberra Living!

Hello & welcome to Canberra Living! Now I never thought of blogging… but here I am! I know what you’re thinking would anyone want to visit Canberra. Well this is my third year in this city and I have to say it’s actually pretty amazing! There’s actually quite a lot to do here.

This morning I got up and decided to get a hot chocolate and it was delicious, if you haven’t tried Dobinson’s in Canberra City well you’re really going to have to! They have the most amazing hot chocolates, I was always a soy Chai latte kind of girl but this winter I’ve turned into a full cream milk hot chocolate person, what has happened to me! 🙂 I’m going to try the caramel chocolate-chip muffin next time…. I’ll let you know what it’s like.

I have a love of baking love country cottages and an absolute love for my fiance and my cute puppy who you will be seeing lots of photo’s of, more so my puppy then my fiance he hates photos.
If you’re wondering who I am well, I’m in my late 20’s getting closer to 30 :O I’m so excited to show you what Canberra is all about! 

If you’re interested in something particular, let me know!

Teresa xx