Canberra’s most delicious desserts

If you’re a sweet tooth like me well your going to love what Canberra has to offer. There’s special spots for those who have a sweet tooth like me. Canberra Start Up Bombolini doughnuts is the most amazing doughnuts I’ve ever had. Its packed with flavour and with its punch, you’ll be going back for more.

I try not to have these naughties too often, but sometime I can’t resist. The dough is homemade along with the custard which is made by using free range eggs! They have different flavours to choose from like madagascan vanilla and dark chocolate (my favourite).

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 8.19.16 pm

Image: Bombolini

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 8.20.37 pm.png

Image: Bombolini 

They do sell out fast, so you might want to get in quick. You can find Bombolini at the Capital Region Farmers Markets and the Southside Farmers Markets in Canberra.




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